The chefs at Ca’ Momi have continued to expand their menu with two more exciting pasta dishes. Linguini al Pesto Genovese is linguine with organic basil pesto, potatoes and green beans and is the first delicious addition to the menu. The second Ca’ Momi Bottarga pasta item is a bit more exotic — it is Spaghetti alla Bottarga with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and cured fish roe. This dish is complex and lightly flavored with seafood. Ca’ Momi is proud to offer these delightful, authentic pasta recipes. Stay tuned as the menu continues to evolve at Ca’ Momi.

Did you know that the Sidecar cocktail was created in 1920 at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris? Actually, the exact origin of the Sidecar is unclear, but it is thought to have been invented around the end of World War I in either London or Paris.  Some credit the invention of the drink to an American Army captain in Paris  — the drink was named after the motorcycle sidecar in which the captain was driven to and from the little bistro where the drink was supposedly born. This classic cocktail is a perfect balance between sweet and sour. Napa Valley Distillery makes its sidecar with California grape brandy, California curacao (orange-flavored brandy liqueur), lemon juice and bitters, aged in new American oak. Seasonal, and available now for $30 per bottle (which serves six).

Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant recently installed a new beer cooler behind the bar, which has enabled them to expand their offering to eight taps. The focus is on craft beers brewed in the western states, with a special preference for Bay Area and west coast specialty brewers. All draft beers are available by the half pint, pint or pitcher, and the selection changes frequently. In addition, did you know that Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant also offers between eight and 12 large format craft beers in bottle? Stop in to check out the selection in the cold box tucked in the back corner of the wine shop. There’s even a little bit of Pliny the Elder in bottle, although it usually runs out a few days before the next shipment. Stop in for a beer — and a sandwich — at the wine bar.

A little known fact about Leonardo (the masterful farmer in charge) at Hudson Ranch (which supplies much of the produce at Oxbow Produce & Grocery) is his passion for growing giant pumpkins. Each spring he seeds an incubator with “Atlantic Giant” pumpkin seeds, and when the sprouts are just right he hardens them off and plants them outdoors in cold frames. Once the plants are established he tents each sleeping giant and waits until the Heirloom Festival in Santa Rosa to enter a friendly competition of who’s got the biggest pumpkin. Leo’s efforts were rewarded with a 1,080 lb. specimen for the show but was bested by the biggest pumpkin weighing 1,392 lbs! Visit Oxbow Produce to check out Leo’s magnificent pumpkin for yourself.