It’s that time of year again, when parents all over the land shout with glee…BACK TO SCHOOL! Now that the kiddies are heading back for more brain stimulation, don’t send them off with sandwiches made with store-bought bread…because that’s a FAIL! Show them how much you love them by making their lunch with fresh artisan breads from The Model Bakery. Choose sourdough, harvest wheat, rye and even their new English muffin loaf…sure to make lunch an even more favorite part of their day! Mention the Oxbow newsletter and receive 10% off on all loaves through the month of August.

The folks at Napa Valley Distillery provide Napa with more than just spirits. Visit their tasting room and shop to find a large selection of bitters and shrubs as well! There a few more refreshing combinations than shrubs and sparkling water. Napa Valley Distillery carries a wide selection of shrubs from Tait Farms and Inna. Shrubs (aka drinking vinegar) are a simple combination of fruit, vinegar and sugar. While the sugar and vinegar preserve the fruit, the combination also creates a refreshing and tangy sweet and sour additive when mixed with soda water! Create a perfectly healthy and refreshing beverage for the kids when they get home from school! Or, for those of you who might want a little more of a cocktail (parents and teachers, we know the first week back to school can be stressful!) just add some of Napa Valley Distillery’s Napa Reserve!