Thursday , September 21 2017
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Napa Bookmine
Napa Bookmine, Napa’s locally-owned, independent bookstore recently opened second shop in Oxbow Public Market‘s main market hall, replacing and expanding Napa Bookmine’s pop-up shop, Standard: News, Books, and Sundries. Where the original Napa Bookmine shop in downtown Napa offers 85 percent used books and 15 percent new books, Napa Bookmine at Oxbow offers all new books, along with an expanded gift section, including greeting cards, convenient sundries, and other unique, fun items that complement the literary inventory. In addition, Napa Bookmine at Oxbow offers Napa Valley’s best selection of travel, wine, culinary, art & design, and lifestyle books and periodicals, an expanded children’s section, and a carefully curated selection of vintage and collectable culinary-focused books as available. Napa Bookmine at Oxbow also carries a focused array of magazine titles and presents author readings and book signings on a regular basis. Napa Bookmine’s popular frequent-buyer program is available at the Oxbow location.




Sun-Thurs, 9 am-7 pm, Fri-Sat, 9 am-8 pm (or later)