Legend has it the recipe for this Meyer lemon-infused brandy liqueur is a generations-old Italian limoncello recipe that Napa Valley Distillery (NVD) proprietor, Arthur Hartunian, won in a poker game from a famous Italian chef. One thing’s for sure… it’s distinctively different than any other Italian Lemon liqueur.

How unique is it? It won a platinum medal at the World Spirits Competition as a limoncello less than a month after it was launched. Impressive? Try it and see for yourself.

When Life Hands You Lemons…Meyer lemon variety was the very first product that Napa Valley Distillery created. Before there was a physical location for the distillery, Arthur, his wife Lusine, and their three children, used to make this liqueur at their kitchen table (the kids peeled the lemons). They have come a long way since then, and they now completely handcraft this flagship product at their distillery in Napa. Yes, the Meyer lemons are still local, and yes, they are still peeled by hand. This unique Meyer lemon-flavored brandy liqueur is still handcrafted only once a year, and right now the latest batch is gently resting, contemplating the meaning of the universe, and preparing to be bottled. Though exquisite served chilled after a fine meal in an antique cordial glass; NVD’s award-winning Meyer lemon liqueur loves to mingle as well. Create unique craft cocktails by trying it in your Margaritas, Whiskey Sours, Ramos Fizzes, Gin and Tonics, Palomas, Pimm’s Cups, Side Cars, or a splash in sparkling wine before a meal!

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