The hairiest month of the year is here! Watch Napa Valley Distillery (NVD) go from Baby Face Nelson to full on sideshow worth bearded Dandies in 30 days or less!

That’s right, on November 1, Napa Valley Distillery’s manly-man spirit guides arrived at work clean shaven for the first time in NVD history. What’s the occasion? No-Shave November of course!

Every year brave men all over the world participate in No-Shave November by shaving off all facial hair the morning of November 1st, and then spend 30 shave-free days growing out lumberjack worthy beards to raise awareness for a variety of men’s health issues. NVD’s booze slingers will be collecting donations all month for prostate cancer research. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men in the US, and when caught early, is highly treatable. However, even when successfully treated, prostate cancer takes a toll on both physical and mental health. Growing primo facial hair might not directly cure prostate cancer, but it will raise money and awareness. At the end of the month NVD will have before and after pictures to share, and all collected donations will be matched by Proprietor Arthur Hartunian. So stop by the Bar Shop and Tasting Room to check their progress, make a donation, and celebrate.