The folks at Napa Valley Distillery provide Napa with more than just spirits. Visit their tasting room and shop to find a large selection of bitters and shrubs as well! There a few more refreshing combinations than shrubs and sparkling water. Napa Valley Distillery carries a wide selection of shrubs from Tait Farms and Inna. Shrubs (aka drinking vinegar) are a simple combination of fruit, vinegar and sugar. While the sugar and vinegar preserve the fruit, the combination also creates a refreshing and tangy sweet and sour additive when mixed with soda water! Create a perfectly healthy and refreshing beverage for the kids when they get home from school! Or, for those of you who might want a little more of a cocktail (parents and teachers, we know the first week back to school can be stressful!) just add some of Napa Valley Distillery’s Napa Reserve!