Grab-and-go salads at Hudson Greens and Goods are made fresh daily, using only the finest ingredients in creating each salad and house-made dressings. From the produce you have come to depend on and love Hudson selects each vegetable for its taste and textural appeal. They use Fatted Calf picnic ham, organic free-range chicken, Prima-donna gouda, and Taggiasca olives and Vermont feta, because they are the best they can buy. Their house-made dressing are made from the same high-quality ingredients they carry in our store like Steven Singer red wine vinegar, Red Boat fish sauce, Miso Mater miso and Edward Fallot mustard, just to name a few. These salads are complex and delicious, pick up one to take to work or have at home for a fast accompaniment for an Oxbow-inspired evening meal.