The Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant is proud to be featuring two fantastic cheeses, both from Greece, and perfect for the end of summer season.

Halloumi is one of the top export commodities of Greece. This cheese has a mozzarella consistency (almost rubbery in texture) and with its high melting point makes it the best cheese on the market for grilling or frying. Made from cow, sheep and goat’s milk, Halloumi is mild but not without flavor and character. Use it with grilled lamb sausage, or pair in a salad with fresh heirloom tomatoes, which are still in season! Halloumi has many applications…let your imagination run with this one to make a delicious appetizer or main course for any grilling occasion.

Greek Feta from the island of Lesbos, is imported by the famous Essex St. Cheese Co. based in New York. This is a very special feta indeed. Made from 100% sheep’s milk, which is a rarity. All Greek feta, by law, is required to be made with a minimum of 70% sheep milk and the rest with goat’s milk. The woman who founded Essex St. Cheese Co., Daphne Zepos, tragically passed away way before her time from cancer. In honor of Daphne, and her Greek heritage, her partner Jason Hinds decided to source a high quality feta that she would be proud to represent under the Essex St. name. After careful deliberation and research, Hinds selected a third-generation cheese producer from the island of Lesbos, who had never exported his product before. The Essex Street Feta debuted earlier this year, with a percentage of sales going to the Daphne Zepos Teaching Award, created in her honor. This feta is a perfect addition to any summer salad, as well as a great lamb burger!

Photo courtesy of Janet Fletcher, Planet Cheese.